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    Bill Sharp's paintings show an intimate view of his world. They are the images of the every day, the ordinary. But Sharp has imbued them with power through his observation and passionate brushstroke.

    Each expression of light and color holds grief, love, despair, joy, weariness and comfort in these very personal reflections. In keeping with these more inward views, these paintings are generally smaller than Sharp's other work.

    Other larger works by Sharp are representations of time spent feeling blue, reflecting on loss and loneliness. Although there is an element of melancholy about them, it is more about being still and allowing time to pass and a new reality to unfold.

    In our world of busyness with great focus on accomplishments, it is healing to allow time to sit and let thoughts come and go.  These paintings are dedicated to the memory of his muse and wife of 32 years, Leslie Robinson.

    *** Bill Sharp can be found at both Palm Springs and Portland Galleries ***
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