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    We welcome Axel Breutigam and his amazing photography to our Portland Gallery.  His work is available now by order and will be exhibited, beginning Thursday, December 10.

    Axel Breutigam is a fine art photographer – a German-born Canadian who is based in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada but currently splits his time between Vancouver and Palm Springs, California. Not surprising, one of his favorite places to go is the Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs.

    Previously a lawyer and a CPA, Axel’s specialty of restructuring companies in financial trouble took him around the world to many places that most people might not have had access to otherwise, including Nigeria, Iran, Syria, Serbia, India and Cuba.

    While he enjoyed his challenging yet chosen career, his passion for photography was always right there with him. Fast-forward some years and, after having sold his law office at a relatively young age, the stressful job has been replaced by the luxury of more time and space to pursue his photographic passion full-time.

    In principle, Axel is a self-taught photographer who started in the early 70’s shooting black and white film and doing his own darkroom printing. In order to complete his techniques, he later studied black and white photography with Alan Ross.

    A profound mentor to Axel, Mr. Ross is a renowned black and white photographer and a long time Ansel Adams assistant who is one of the few experts with a first hand experience of Ansel Adams’ work.

    Quote Axel, “Over time, I have realized black and white photography is what I enjoy the most. And in my personal opinion, only black and white photos give the viewer room to imagine what the real scene might have looked like."

    As a member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Axel has an accreditation in fine art photography.

    To see more work by Axel Breutigam, please go to his
    Web page.

    To read Axel Breutigam’s Artist Statement, click here.
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