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    Painter Bethany Rowland searches ever day for opportunities to connect with the natural world. Whether it is in the steady gaze of a solitary wild creature, in the reflected light on the surface of a slow moving river or in the warm air that rises from a still lake at dawn.

    Rowland is captivated by the mysterious and unbidden offerings of the creatures and landscapes that have shaped her.

    Her paintings are her efforts to respond to these offerings; rooted in her memories of a place, or an animal, or a sensory experience in nature.

    She believes that the way she paints somehow facilitates the opportunity for these offerings to emerge.

    She relies on bold brushstrokes and unconscious mark-making to trust her impulses, and not fearing making mistakes.

    At times, Rowland will use photographs and observation to help define and shape abstracted parts of a painting into an honest representation, but in the end, she allows her unconscious gestures to move the brush, or wipe away, or use gravity to keep the painting dynamic.

    Most of her paintings have many layers, with remnants of earlier stages of knowing a visible reminder of where she has been in the process.

    To read Bethany Rowland’s Artist Statement, click here.
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