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    Color my world.

    I paint the landscape and color is my primary focus.

    Color is more important than form, more important than line, and is best at expressing mood and emotion.

    I have a working man’s knowledge of color; 35 years producing color on a 3-roll-mill.
    At Gamblin’s Artist Oil Colors, we craft materials that are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent. We are the first color house to build and organize a palette entirely around the needs of today's painters, taking oil painting and printmaking into the future.

    To make color is to know it. I learned the unique vibration of each color reflected in its mass-tone, transparency, and tint.  Packaged oil colors are tubes of emotions waiting to be vehicles of expression. This is how I put them to work.

    My technical understanding of color guides me in the early stages of each painting as I determine contrasts. Which passages will be light or dark in value? Which will be warm or cool in color? Contrast in color is how I tell the story. This becomes the under-painting, the structure in my work.

    Intuition also has a role in my process. This is how the work moves forward.  With each passing of the painting on the easel, I tune the colors to one another, and the communication becomes clearer and stronger. It is like searching for cords on a piano until it is intuitively true.

    Currently on exhibition at Brian Marki Fine Art Portland, my landscapes are stories in light and atmosphere, symbolically expressed in oil colors. I invite you to come explore this colorful world.

    - Robert Gamblin

    *** Robert Gamblin can be found at both Palm Springs and Portland Galleries **
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