Light and color dictate my emotions more than they probably should. Overhead lighting depresses me. Certain shades of yellow make me queasy. Slanted, golden light on a summer evening is pure heaven.

In my work I pursue tranquility through color and light.  Using familiar organic forms as my palette, I transcend subject matter to focus on an underlying emotional response. Often my paintings contain dual subjects, as one image suggests another: leaves, petals and stems become fireflies, clouds and lightning. 

Despite the liberties taken with these forms, viewers frequently mistake my pastels and oil paintings for photographs. This is not intentional. However, I do take care to keep lighting and color consistent. While the jarring sensation that something is "off" destroys the intention of calm, harmony in an image invites the eye—and mind—to rest. 

A deep love of craft drives my need to create almost-inhabitable images. I believe the spirit of fine craft should exist in all art. As a result, I use only the finest archival materials to create and present my work. Highest-quality professional pastels on archival pastel papers are presented to museum standards. Oil paintings are created on linen and canvas hand stretched over sturdy hardwood frames. Each painting is carefully made to bring contentment and to endure.